l u n a b y s s


The draft of this post has been in my archive for nearly 2 months. I just keep ignoring it to the extend that I thought I might have just dropped it. However, a recent case just pushed me to bluster.

Bitch case #1

*taxi driver*

First of all, the driver is a man. I’m just literally saying that he’s a b*itch. What happened was, it was raining, which contributed to the cancelation of my plan of walking home. So, I had to take a cab. He was making a bad joke, which, he obviously didn’t realize that it was not the first time he used the gig (on me).*Duh*

It so happened that I asked him to drop me at the lobby, and he wanted to charged an extra bucks!

Driver:”Look at the highway, it’s going to be a jam..”

Luna’s OS:”What the h*ll of the jam have to do with you driving me up the lobby?”

Driver:”Blah blah blah…”

Luna’s OS:”=_=|||”

What ever, b*tch! I just drop him the amount I INTEND to pay and left the cab leaving him whining. Come on!! It’s not even going to cost him 2ocent yet he’s charging another bucks? I know you’re making a living, but won’t you consider the fact that I’m a student? Couldn’t you consider tha fact that the customer might not take your cab after such “ill-charging”? Couldn’t you consider the fact that I’m without umbrella, on a rainy day? Furk id~

Bitch case #2

*the customer*

Lesson of life #97 – “Treat (anyone) like how you like to be treated”
Lesson of life #66 – “Appologize when you have misdeed”

Some people just have their nose grow on the forehead and couldn’t have a slightest respect for shop assistant.

It happened so that this young lady girl was busy with her cell while handling our items on the other hand. She dropped it, the case split into two halves. She picked up and put them on the shelf. It was really nothing about dropping them, but this b*tch could’t bother to say sorry when my friend went up to check on the item. So, we decided that she need to obey the company policy which, I believe everyone is familiar with: NICE TO SEE, NICE TO HOLD, ONCE BROKEN, CONSIDER SOLD.

Let’s she how she argued.

B*tch:”The thing is already loose when I pulled it out. You can’t blame that it went apart!”

SA:”Miss, you’re busy talking on the phone, while handling the item. That’s why you make it dropped.” (and why the h*ll you pull it when you know it’s already loose? How do you even pulled out if it’s loose?)

B*tch:”I was not on the phone. The thing just went apart. I didn’t break it. Why do you have to come and attack me?”

SA:”… At least you could appologize, miss?”(Attack you? I’m afraid we aren’t holding any weapon at the moment, miss)

B*tch:”I was on the phone, okay..”

The two of us just looked at each other, and the mother came in and settled the problem, where she promised to buy one but not the broken one.

SA’s OS:”Okay, fine. What ever… We won’t make any fuss since you ARE going to buy.”

I hope she bites her tongue when she eats. Furk id~

Bitch case #3

*the bitch*

Okay, this is the case that really “contribute” to your reading of this post. It’s no big deal, actually.. But since I’m talking about b*tch, so I counted this in.

I don’t know why,  but I was in an EXTREME mood swing, and so I skipped all classes on the other day. A friend was kind enough to come all way long to pick me out for a breath. (Guess I would’ve swollen my eyes crying the day off if she didn’t)

When I reached home, I’ve got this “spy” telling me that someone bitch me behind my back!! *shocked*

Spy:”They were talking about you..”


Spy:”you say you’re sick and didn’t attend class. But still can go out..”


WHAT EVER, B*TCH!! This is my life, I do what ever I want, I’d never speak a word about your life, Duh!! And please queue up if you want to comment on my life.(IF, I ever take comment on my life)

Furk id~


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