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Just an Update

Been trying to keep up but somehow I just couldn’t find anything interesting to put down. And suddenly I noticed it was almost 3 months since I last wrote (here).

What have been happening?

First thing came, after my previous blog was my birthday. Yeah, my big 21st. I was expecting something, but ended up with SOME disappointment. However, a big thank you to those who did came and celebrated with me. ^^ Appreciate your effort to join me despite your tight schedule! About the others, I rather not mention it. =_=” Then it came the new semester. Actually, the semester began 22 June and so I skipped a whole week to be in Malacca.

Nothing much happened in college, really.. July was somehow boring. At least not interesting up till the end where I met with students from the States and played some Frisbee game! Scroll my album, you’ll get to see “the fun”. Nyehehe..

Tattoo. Been thinking about it. I thought to put it on my wrist (under) instead of my back this time because I noticed it’s not that noticeable if I wear it on my left hand where I usually wear my watch. Well, of course, it’s a new design, very different from the one I planned to place on my back. Thoughts remained thoughts, nothing much could be accomplished. &:’|

Two weeks back, a friend announced that she’ll be getting married by the end of next year, to a Muslim. Naturally, she’ll has to convert and yeah… she had quit pork and so started doing the prayers. It came as a big shock (quite) to me. I am pretty much speechless about this. Hmm, hope that there won’t come a day of regret for this and that she is happy with her decision!

While some might be chirping their happiness, some were dipping in sorrow. Another friend lost someone/two close around his birthday. Not the best birthday surprises, at least not for me.

Losing someone is easy, it is the getting-over part that cut. People walk in and out of our life, whether you like it or not. Over time, you’ll realized (and had to accept the truth) that it is better to take it as easy as it comes because the more you looked back, the more damage you’re doing to yourselves.

When the route lays infront of you leads you to no where, why won’t you take that route beside instead?


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