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My Life is Rated 6.5 – The Sticky Drink

Apparently life goes on without hesitation concerned our happiness and sorrow. Thus, my life continues with the rate of 6.5 despite the fact that I am not being very well this recent. Well, “unwell” is the proper word I perhaps. The fact that I am gaining some weight is pertubing though I am looking healthier. Is not that I am fat, fat lady but, I have a short of breath at times.

Is that the price I have to pay to look healthy? Geez.. That’s not healthy at all!

Anyhow, that’s not why my life get rated. But this is!! —> Sticky Drink It’s my favorite sticky drink!!!!! Mmm~ Yummy!!!!! Hahahahah…

Stick Drink 02

What is it? I can tell you that it’s dead healthy, yes!!! But what is it? It’s my own secret recipe. And I have no intention of sharing at the moment *grin*. I can tell you oat is part of the ingredient, though *to prove that it’s REALLY healthy*

Enough of the cheese, now let me see… Oh! I’m suppose to talk about life! Hahah.. I see, I see…

Well, most of the time in our life, we work to fulfill others’ dream, to meet their expectation. I think up to this point of time, I am still not living on with my total own will. There are aspects in life that we need to cherish and preserve, that we help move the world. Of course there are times, we want what we want. There’s totally no harm. If rage makes you stronger, why not? If slack makes you better, why not? If arrogant sends you higher, why not?

Why not?” – always ask yourself. There’s only one rule to follow: NO IMPAIRMENT ON OTHERS. If you can stick to it, do what ever you want, man… I mean WHAT EVER~

It’s your life. You rate it! Not that application in Facebook!!! I do what makes me happy, though I’ve a little indecisive lately. Who cares?! I like the way it is and my life definitely rate higher than 6.5!!!! If, it could be rated.. =_=”

My life is actually colored. *Life can only be described, not be rated*


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