l u n a b y s s

Happy Birthday!!!!! … to me!!

Uhuhuh~ My getting more and more excited as my day approaching!! Arhhhh~ And I’m all about my hair, my dress, my shoes for that day!

I’m heading back to Melaka tomorrow evening, getting my hair done on Sunday, do that birthday shopping on Monday morning.. and hollaaaaaaaa~ the night out!!! *Haven’t plan on that yet lol* But who cares?? Hahaha, maybe I could just enjoy a dinnerwith Mummy instead of getting wild and raw out there.. Herrherheh…

Anyway, I’ve already had my first BD present from Mummy!! Wee~ It’s a watch!! My sweet mum!!!


Masculine! I LOVE it!!!!!

Mummy even got the chain resized for my arm before-hand. *.* SWEET!!!

And… I’ve just change my desktop backgroup.. I present you… Khalil Fong!! ♥.♥

Khalil Fong

This is how my desktop looks like at the moment. It was my face on it just before this. See.. Khalil stand an important spot in my lappie.. Wakaka~ Hopelessly in love with his voice… HIM!!!! Isn’t he adorable?? Mmuacks!! &:’* Ahahahha.. I just can’t resist cute guy/boy…

Next, my birthday post~ It’ll be about the crazy night!! ^^ *I know it’ll be one(crazy night)*
* I did NOT forget about the life rating post.. Will finish it after my birthday, or, when I have the inspiration. Hee~


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