l u n a b y s s


The bad luck is finally over!! Yeah!!! I can feel the birthday aura already~

Happiness is really THAT simple! Why frown when life can be  better? Especially for someone you will later realize a useless loo. Wot!! Did I just say that?  Yeah… But hell, I mean it!!!! Now now… because I choose to be happy. I want to be happy, I will be happy and I am happy.

There will be downsides in every life, for sure. You can’t predict life, and you can’t choose for things to always happen your ways. Had to take it as it comes your way. Now you might think that I just said so because that’s how everybody says it. Believe me, I took 9 months to realize that. I frowned, thought the whole world is going against me, thought I could never walk out from the shadow. Just because I couldn’t let myself walk pass the line, because I thought I don’t deserve it.

What a silly thought!

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how bad you’d fell. But, how strong you grow after you’d stumbled. It is after each fall that we realize we’d been stupid in the way we acted during the transition period. But who cares? Who doesn’t? We have feelings, we cry if we’re sad and laugh when we’re happy. The significant is the lessons we learned from it, values that build up our life upon these experinces.

Life’s good when you can realize that the rainbow is just after the rain. Cheers~

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