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The Boy I Kissed

He’s a Leo. I really have to say that I LOVE Leo boys a lot!! From my favourite Will, then Show and next on the list – Mr. Leo. Leo , Leo and Leo~ ^^ Like their attitude,  love their charm!

Mr Leo and I met on the net, through a famous networking application, the one starts with ‘F’.  Ahaha.. I don’t want to hint too much about his real identity here… and I shouldn’t.. *.*

Why… I have been seeing him for the past one week. He hasn’t changed alot, dropped a few pound I think. Erm.. it’s not ‘seeing’ him “seeing”. Met up during the competition week. It is very pleasant to see him again~

We have met before ‘The Date’. But there wasn’t anything special or interesting. It was just nasi lemak and teh. So, let’s get on to the date. We went for movie. Erm.. The Superhero Movie. It was hilarious, I mean the movie. We hold hands, in the movie and out the movie.. ^^ It was really really sweet!! Then we went for a search, a search for his mum’s jug in the store. Hahaha~ It seems a lil weird thing to do on the first date.. But hey, that’s special! Wakakaka…

He then invited me over his place. A tour round his place, his room, his kitchen and his storeroom @.@! Hahaha… He played piano. I wonder if he plays for his gf (now or then). It will be something very.. .. nice!!

It was there and then we kissed. (Yes! I kissed this boy on our first date!!) On the couch, my heart was racing, as if I would pass over at that moment!! How was it? Awh~ His lips are soft, they feel like candy floss!! It was GREAT!! It gives me a blush every now and then when I come to think about it…

Now we’re friends. Though I would really love to love him..^.* But fate has bring me here.. No sweat!! The memory is still as sweet as the caramel candy floss!!! ^^

Anyway, will be updating about the competition within this week and more on the Ultimate Sweet Thing will be coming up as well..


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