l u n a b y s s

My 21st

Counting down to my birthday, one month left. Heck!! (Whatever this supposed to mean)

Is it everybody has bad luck before their birthday, or is it me? And trust me, bad luck comes in 3’s. First, I dropped 100 bucks, which I was planning for my shopping spree~ A week later, I misplaced my nano!! (God!! Help me~) Then, came my PMS. That doesn’t really count ‘cuz it’s totally normal! These were around 2 weeks ago… and so I forgot about the third…

And now, here it comes. The flu along dysmenorrhea!! (FYI, Dysmenorrhea is the term for painful periods). Nausea, headache,cramping abdominal pain, backaches, runny nose and itchy throat. Come in a whole package. What a GREAT deal!!!

Hope that’s all for the bad luck… *Crossing fingers* Here’s my birthday wishlist:


Wilber!! New album(007) released 22/29 May. Ths is the 7th album to date. “Be with You” – a collaboration with Akon. Check it out! It’s in Youtube now!!! ^^

The gadget. SE W980 and Pendrive Nano. That’s the Nano I mentioned. You don’t think I misplaced the Apple, do you?

Lancome Miracle.


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