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“The Weekend”

So, I had a weekend back home. It was GREAT!! Haahaha.. Huhuhhu… Let’s start it from the trip.

That's Didi on our way back Malacca~

That's Didi on our way back Malacca~

Later that night (Friday), I went to the beach, with Jimmy*. The Riviera bay, which is now known as the “Everly”. I wonder why they changed the name. Riviera sounds so nice!

The beach was quiet, only splashes of the sea water were audible. Some were fishing, talking in low voices. The sky is very clear, the cloud formed a fish/fire underneath the moon. Stars twinkling here and there. Even The Eye of Malaysia was so tiny, standing at the far end on my left.

It was 12.15am when we left the beach and head straight to the cinema. For this:

The Star Trek 2009

The Star Trek 2009

This movie is tight!!! If I were to rate it, I’ll give it a 5/5, plus another extra for Zachary Quinto. I find him VERY attractive in this movie for “unidentified” reason. Hahahahah… The plot is very captivating, not to mention the perfectly executed CG!! Damn!! This is yet so far THE BEST movie in 2009!!!

And of course a good movie makes you hungry too… Therefore, we went for this:

I think it was nearly 4.00am when we finished our “duck-kuey-teow”. And so the supper marked an end for the night. I was sent home then. ^^

*revised in respect of seclusion

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