l u n a b y s s

D*mn it!!

It’s a bad day!! Real bad one!!!

First, my design was rejected. AGAIN!! F*ck it!!!!! Man, I almost give up on that now… What the h*ll does he really want actually?? *Long sigh* This would be the third time around, he dis-satisfied my design/work, that I work through days and nights to finish up. And now, I’m totally fed up, so I’m sitting down to whine about it.

To worse things up, *sigh* I dropped 100 bucks today. This really s*cks!! I was about to cry, really.. But i just felt a choke in my throat, like an octopus inside, sucking hard. Maybe I’m all dried up to cry.

Maybe I should quit trying so hard now… I will have my weekend off!! And have a date! Uhhuh~


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