l u n a b y s s


I’d been thinking alot lately. A lot, that seems relavent yet so irrelavent. This and that, and wanting to write but couldn’t pen it down. So now, I finally going to get this very first entry done.

To be frank, I have absolutely no idea where to start off. I saw this lady, 2 ladies in fact, with their beautiful baby bumps this evening. So, with baby I shall start. Don’t worry, I’m not a philosopher that brags much, not a biologist that explains all the facts nor an artist that colors every dreams..



This is truly amazing. If, you could agree with me. I wouldn’t deny on how much I wanted to carry a baby and I know how silly you’d say I am for wanting a baby at such a young age. But, to have a heartbeat within you, to have a life supported by you and offering the essentials – love, warmth and nutrients, is simply thrilling. I couldn’t imagine how merry and gay I would be!!

astonishing beauty

astonishing beauty

How far that day is from me? Rather…


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