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An open letter to you

How do I do? I’m not good, honestly. It’s always easy to fake happiness, act like you don’t care. But the truth is, it hurts, still… I don’t know how you did this to me.

It hurts when I hear your voice, it hurts when I see you, it hurts when you’re in her arms, it hurts, all these while…

I had to tire myself to not think about you, I had to avoid you to not feel hurt about it, all these while…

To fall for you, to not getting over you bother me a lot. ’cause you seems to find a way out easily, ’cause you seems to had found a new toy, ’cause you don’t see my tears, ’cause you don’t understand how it hurts me when I’m still living in the shadow of you…

Are you approving yourself by hurting me? Does seeing me in deep sorrow for you make you feel superior?

Well, congratulation… You did it well. Thank you for all the pain, very much!

You’ve left me far behind, in the hell while moving on to heaven. I can never say goodbye. How do I say goodbye?


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2 thoughts on “An open letter to you

  1. TheDoer on said:

    Will the intended recipient read this?


  2. yChian on said:



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