l u n a b y s s

Ice Chopping


LOL… the frost resulted from my chopping. Nyiak nyiak nyiak…. There’s alot! It’s not very clear in this picture T.T They filled 3/5 of the basin. Seriously~

I did it yesterday, before i cooked. I was just trying to lessen the ice”berg” in the freezer. But I found it very interesting, so I kept chopping until I cleared the whole area. LOL… Now that it’s cleared, let’s see what’s next:

Flush’em with water and they all started to melt away~ All done in 10 minutes.

Oh~ It was my  second day of part time in Memory Lane! ^^ I’ve to do wrapping, it’s cool, but not fun~ I’d done that before. I mean, usual wrapping and making paper bags, at home.

However, I found myself selling “happiness” in the store. People came in, choose a gift or a card or a plush toy -> buy’em -> HAPPY. Sometimes happiness seemsto be as easy as that, I wish my happiness comes in that way too. Or maybe I should start saving money and buy myself a BIG teddy. That way I might can have some happiness. LOL…


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