l u n a b y s s


    First of all, I would like to apologize. To whom ever this may concerned.
    I have to say that this is how I am. yChian is just as simple as she is when it comes to feelings. Though my pride holds me back at times, still I truly be true to myself, want to act as how I feel, and if this bother you, tell me. I don’t really(ever) want to be a burden as in we are friends or where ever this friendship could possibly take me to.
    I do not expect people around to accept my as a whole. And, please do not expect anything from me. No expectation, no disappointment. That’s what I always believe. I believe in something call true. And all I want is to be as true to my feeling as possible. It hurts sometimes, but that’s life. We stumble, we injured, and we learned from it. Though experiences did not teach me a lot about this chapter of my life yet sooner or later, (maybe) I’ll get used to it. &:’|
    I don’t never expect life to be perfect, but I know I want it to be. But there’s one thing – you can’t fight your fate/God. Being single, I have to say, it’s not a shame. However, being a desperate single sounds really bad for a girl. Expecting love is one sweet thing you enjoy as a young girl. I long for this moment, how long it shall take? I have no idea. I never been there and never done that. So, I can only pray. Time is all I got.

    Honestly, writing this pissed me off sadden me. I hate explaining myself to others. As if there’s no one truly understand you, no one really care. It makes me feel inferior. Some how, I hate bad impression more. That’s the reason you’re reading this.
    Life’s always a joke like a play. Full of ups and downs. We act without a script and expect more and more surprise each and everyday. It’s just that the surprise may not always be merry. It comes with sorrow and pain, not costing a penny(it’s FREE!!!). That’s how we learn and grow up.

   Don’t judge me. What you
see and what you hear may not be the real me. God knows my worth. And
I know my worth. Don’t toy me, don’t play with me.

    Somebody, please stop me before it goes wrong.


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2 thoughts on “I’m NOT DESPERATE!!!!

    proud to be yourself, n im proud to have you as my best friend ^^


  2. Oh~ so sweet!!
    Mmmm!!! Love ya love ya~


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