l u n a b y s s


14/5, I went school for a stupid discussion. Result of kena maki hamun. My so-dedicated group leader finally can’t finish off the job and “happened to find out that we’re so far behind from what we actually had to do. Such lousy team work, lousy leader and lousy members. &:’$

The day just can’t be simple. To have someone fetch me home, I had to follow Ah Ma for her class. Hmm, well.. the class is kindda fun though! Presentations. Some are informative aka BORING, some are fun lah!! Hahaha..

Had to walk back to school again later on and I had this pepperoni pizza, from a “PIZZA HUT” booth(felt like being conned):

SWIMMING!!!! However, the fun part wasn’t during the swimming session. Let’s see… Photo0338



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