l u n a b y s s

Coming soon, my brand new All Star

It’s a very tiring day, indeed. Haven’t been sleeping for the night to get my (dragging)assignment done. Rushed to college to find out that class’s been canceled. Haiz.. Just try to catch up some sleep then, an hour is all I’d got.

But wait… Hmmm.. It’s not that bad after all. Check this out:

That’s Ai and me!! My current sneakers. Plain white from B.U.M. Next, ladies and gentlemen… I present you, brand new Chuck Taylor® All Star® Love Flower!! Mine!!Mine! Mine! Yeepeeeeee~

And and and… BGD gang hanged out in Section 2!! Tried out the ABC. Sweet!!
CollaggeIt’s been long since I last hang out in a “whole bunch”… Hahahah… Had fun and enjoyed…

It is, tiring after all.

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