l u n a b y s s

Come to Melaka!!!

    You see, I really can’t help… I’m just too bored. It’s not that I really got nothing else than eat to do.. Really~
    The clock’s ticking, it’s 4.57 am. I just did my "breakfast".

That’s porridge (it should be vege flav, but I’d added pork. Heeheh)& premixed soybean beverage. The yellow packet?? Oh~ it’s the package of the instant porridge, just to show you.



Just before my breakfast, I was chatting with Mr Gary *akhem, no more typo*. We had a long chat like we always did. It’s always sad when he had to leave. I mean, ermm… I don’t know, like he’s the only one to(can) accompany me from middle of the night till the morning. I really really appreciate it! Though it’s only rubbish casual chat, but it feels good. A companion.

    I’m so gonna get addict to this!! Holy~ Hmm… This is just about the usual me. Get addicted to anything fresh(no! no bloody fresh.. AH~).

    I got this idea!!! Gary! If you’re reading, yea yea you!! Have you ever went to Melaka? You can take lots of lots of picture there!! Serious!! Well.. Just a suggestion, went through your friend *Fanson’s blog. Saw his photos. Got this idea. Habis story.

    This could be the blog that takes the longest time to finish. It’s 6.03 am now. Chatting with Apez. Measured my skull and divide by pi, don’t know what he’s up to.


    He’s not giving me the answer. So, I’ll just end here and tell you next time..

    By the way, it’s 11/5/2008 today.



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