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A Token of… Admiration?? Erm…

    Met a new friend online this very recent. He’s (yea, it’s a guy) cute!! Haha~ I think he wouldn’t like me to describe him this way(This would take away his manhood??? Erm~ LEO…). Anyway~ he’s one funny guy, doing architecture bachelor degree, takes photos and makes stupid jokes. Jokes which would turn you heads over heels, jokes that would make your days..

    You know, when your days are black and white, a guy like him will definitely bring clouds->rain->rainbow. Why rain? ’cause you’ll feel like crying chatting with him at times. There’s definitely more, other than "black" in his dictionary!! Life seems hectic, yet you know he really enjoying it!! *envy*

    Then, I happened to find out that we’re of the same age *but he’s YOUNGER than me, nyiak nyiak nyiak*. Well, there’s actually nothing special about it, just "happened" to mention it.

    It’s strange.. How 2 strangers met and began to know about each other more and more each and everyday. I’d wonder how this happen, always. I have to say that I’m kind of a self-protecting creature. Sometimes I can’t even let my guard down in front of people I met times. Yet, as you can see some people just *click* and I’m on! Hmm…

    Ok ok… let’s not think about that anymore. ’cause I’m out of ideas…
    Let’s talk about today! Let see… Okie… let’s do some rewinding first. The latest incident… Ah!!! Look at this:


Scratches from a mosquito bite. One bite!!! God damn it!!! It hurts.. &:'(

Ah~ see how free these people are. And, actually there’s some onlookers along the roadside watching *No, I didn’t "watch". I swear I was just passing by* Hmm~ fishing by a roadside swamp… I wonder what kind of life is that.. maybe can try out some times.. Hehehhe…



Here’s my dinner. Cooked alone at 9.30pm, ate alone at 9.45pm


Junks at 10.15pm

p/s: today is such a horrifyingly lame day… there’s nothing more to write about…

*story ends*


    Hahaha!!! Here’s something on my birthday wish list. I know I know.. there’s still another month to go… But hey!!! It’s my first time being 2(+)-year old… My first "2" initial!!! Don’t lah blame me for being exited…


Seems familiar? Hehee.. I’m wearing one now. It’s like getting worn out. No more bling bling… &:’|
So, can get me a new one ah???

    LOL There’s still a lot of stuff to get. I’ll update to you guys, k?



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