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This is Life

It’s 0807 hour now. I just finished a movie(The Nanny Diaries). Just before my movie, I was downloading songs, and before that, I was surfing nets- reading mangas.

Basically, that’s what happening in my life nowadays. Hmm… “Happening” seems so-not-the-word. I should say, “Repeating”. Yeap!! Everyday is repeated after one another. Rather lame and bore. What should I do now? I’m waiting for others to wake up and maybe we can head to the pool today. Since I missed out yesterday’s. Kindda miss the water, though.

Now, what else should I talk about?
Oh!! I made hashbrown yesterday. It was such a failure… for both, me and Mosquito. Too much fluid, too much onions(for me myself), and too much potatoes, definitely. We happened to finish the whole plate around 10pm(?). That was erm… 7++ hours!! Gosh~

Now, I’m hungry… This is such a great time for breakfast!! But what should I eat? Not so in the mood of making my own breakie now. &:’P

Mmm… just finished a slice of bread and this LIV’s try is keep repeating in the player. Oh, could somebody please get me this song???

The sky is clear today(morning). Hopefully wouldn’t be raining later on. Raining really make me lazy. Can’t get wet in the rain really… turns me off… Hmm!! It has been a while since I last played and enjoy in the rain. As we grew up, the time we manage to get ourselves happy is getting less and lesser; to find a reason to really indulge ourselves in something is getting hard and harder as well. Are we really happy of what we’re doing? Am I happy with what I’m doing?

I don’t know. I find myself in a middle of a black-hole. Everything is being pulled down regardlessly.  Happiness seems so far away, or perhaps has been sucked into the black-hole already. Chocolate can not make me happy anymore. What a grief! Chocolate, cheese, these were my simplest happiness. Now they seems to have lost their magic. &:’| Maybe that’s because of my endless craving. Lost everything because I wanted everything. Hmm~

Sorry that I couldn’t help myself for being sad every now and then. There’s just to much to care for. But, this is life and I’m still breathing. Just wish that life gets better.

0843 hour



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One thought on “This is Life

  1. 简单就是幸福


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