l u n a b y s s


that is your touch
glide through my back
i’d never felt such
when you breath on my neck

the sweetest melody ever
i found it, your heartbeat
nothing last forever
so does the melody of your beat

you look into my eyes no more
that’s when my heart felt apart
i cannot trust you anymore
wish that all this never start

how to ease the pain that ever last
when you’re no more by my side
you tell me this is last
nothing can be done, i abide

would you touch me again
or, i am now a disgrace?
if i can be in your arms again
i will embrace

it is desiring
to be treated
this pity soul is sinking
in no where, but hell

for the love it craves
do nothing but impair
just like autumn leaves
bring sorrow and never repair

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