l u n a b y s s

An Apple In His Hand

There was a boy, longing up the old apple tree, in the deserted..
The boy was holding an apple, bloody red…
    He soon laid his hand on the trunk, getting close to the old tree.
    Breathed voiceless words tho the old tree..
    The tree hadn’t move any muscle..
    The boy try harder
    He put his head on the tree, trying to listen..
    There’s no beat, so he moved his hand on the skin…
    There was it!
    He felt the tree!!
    He knew he got it!!!
    There he goes..
    Wrapped his arms around the old tree..

    The tree doubted..
    If it should reach out for the boy, too…
    After a long uncertainty…
    It stretched out..
    The boy was overjoyed!
    "Finally.." He thought…
    He pressured more with his wrap.
    The tree was enchanted.

    The boy was tired.
    The old tree tucked him in, he soon felt asleep..
    Days past…
    The tree and the boy seemed to knit..

    The boy walked away…
    Soon after he plucked the apple that turned red on the old tree..
    Leaving the old tree behind..
    Without looking back, he walked away…

    An old man walked by and ask:
    "Why did you let him go?"
    "He’s just a boy…"
    "If you knew he’s going to cheat for the apple at the first place, would you still allowed him?"
    "That’s the last thing I can offer…"
    "But, he has an apple in his hand!"
    "I’d lost everything, so why not the apple?"

    "He’s just a boy…" Murmured the old tree…


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