l u n a b y s s


It’s been very busy recently, though one of my lecturer is now on MC with uncertainty. Suddenly, works are loaded! Seemlessly.. it stacks… Perhaps tricked b the illusion of missing two subjects…
Burning mid night oil is so so common for me now, whilst it was a big NO-NO for me back then. Even sleeping 10pm at night, I consider very late!! Despite the fat that I think sleeping 10 o’clock in the night is consider late, I am now being forced to adapt myself to this brand new ife style where we go for bed after midnight bells only, considered normal… &:’$
It’s torturous for me really.. I’m a sleeping baby. Perhaps not requiring 12hrs of sleep /day, I opt for at least 6-7hr. However, it still seems impssible for me, here in Shah Alam..
I’d be caughting flu in short~ That’s very tiring ‘coz blessings are barely enough!!
I’m totally exaustd~
bye for now then~



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