l u n a b y s s

~my holiday

Ohh…. It’s the last weekend I’d spend in Malacca before next sem. It’s kinnda reluctant to leave for Shah Alam, when I have to face the “wicked witches” there… Haiz….
Well, though I’ve been spending time working, I had had some fun though… V(^_^)
1st joy of all: I’ve spent one afternoon with my dearly friend doing… basically… NOTHING!! Haha! It’s weird, but it’s sweet!! Definitely…
Oh… I’d played badminton with jo, her cousins and my sister. It was a great workout, where I’ve got fatigue muscle for nearly a week. Also injured my knee… Haiz… Scar is the last result..~*pain pain
I’d cut my hair, too… after ½ year of consideration, finally I’d made up my mind. I cut it the week I started my holiday, 1st by myself, then the “barber”. I call him barber cause his skill=barber!!! Fortunately he didn’t spoilt my look.
Everything seems to go on smoothly, I’m happy. Hoping that everyone around is me happy, too…
Hmm… living far from home had spared me some time to think. Better. I’m pretty much enjoying being single now…~~ Proud to say: I’m free! There’s nothing better than that for me. Heeheeee… &:’B
Guess I’ll be very busy when my new semester starts (12 Nov), there’ll be no more time for day-dreaming, cute guy hunting, and SORROW (hopefully)…
Maybe I haven’t let go, maybe I’m just pretending to be happy, maybe I’m still craving for love, maybe someone is waiting me at the corner… maybe time can do me a favour… &:’| But, why let these maybes worry me?? Hhuh?
I never felt better, ever since “the war” begun… I’m enjoying the serenity, feeling great about myself and praying for “betterness”…

Oh, maybe I should rather pray for more “blessing”…?


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2 thoughts on “~my holiday

  1. ur hapihapi-aura so big hor..
    here oso can feel


  2. hahahaa….

    Well, this gal no happy tak happi…
    but once happi very “geng”!!!


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