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Life In Shah Alam

Basically… Life’s sucks here… &:’P Everyday is bored!!

Class on Monday, Tuesday(Mentor-Mentee) and Friday.. 2-3 hrs each day. Nothin else to do, man!!! No entertainment, no shopping, no sports(though I’m not a big fan..)… How am I going to spend 3yrs here??!! Gosh…

Now… I lepak cc almost EVERYDAY!!! Hell!! i’m going to broke if this continues, seriously!!! Where’s my laptop anyway? Hopefully those people work fast!! I really need it!!!!!



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4 thoughts on “Life In Shah Alam

  1. so you did get a laptop of your own, hope it’ll arrive ASAP

    life’s not boring when you know how to spend it ^^


  2. I oso hope i can get it ASAP
    But I probably won’t get it till the end of… maybe September…


  3. wei, uni life is like tat de ma, muz get use to it, dun always lepak at cc, find sth else to do, go for sport, learn self-defense, watever except wastin time, if u really boring, den miss me ba ^^


  4. i will i will my darling…


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