l u n a b y s s


I have been living a brand new life in Shah Alam for a fortnight… Frankly, I’m happier

Less to squizee me out of my mind. no, I LAUGH everyday instead of tieing knots with my brows!! Heehee!!!

Everyday is new, everything is fresh! And I love it… Though not as much as i LoVe Malacca now… &;’P

To my friends out there,eg: -ps-, don’t worry too much about me. I’m getting better here… thanks for the care, dude!!

Alot of chaotic happened. Me and a couple of new friends from M’ca  are getting along well… &:’)

hey guys, sorry if you have to take me/my laugh for another three years. Maybe y’all should pray more so that i don’t laugh that frequent!! Hakhaha… &:’B


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One thought on “Happier…

  1. gosh. i dun mind if u laugh dat much. but dun la start without giving any signals and warning u know? it could infect people around us with lots of laughter. haha..


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