l u n a b y s s

She left, on a Saturday night

Will she come back?

or will she lost?

in the world outside a place called “home”

Is it because she can find love no more

in this place?

or she’s tired of giving

but never has any in return

If she come back,

is everything going to be fine?

like it used to be?

Raindrops of sorrow and pain showered her, here

But, is she fine?

wandering alone

without love from whom she cares?

They say, a broken heart

is like a broken mirror.

It will not be

like it used to be

ever again…

whom to blame?

for this cruelty

None choose to be torn apart

We choose to be loved

Will us be loved?

Will she?


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  1. Hey there… Y is ur blog full of sorrow?… Relax and enjoy ur life.. No point being sad all da time rite… Take care.. Chao..


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