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Happy Skol Opening

Teng! Teng! Teng! (Daniel, dun terasa, k??) I have a chatter box!! Ha… It’s a lovely Monday. Good weather, no homework and most important: I just cut my hair! (Yea… I cut it myself, again. I kenot tahan, since the day the AUNTIE cut my hair)


Another thing is, I’d read a very interesting/funny article in today’s paper. With header: Reasons make you sad as a single. It is, funny and undeniably true (I think). I’d picked some to share here:
1. Lonesome
2. Hard to decide on the menu in the restaurant
3. No free maid
4. Bought a present, but dunno for whom
5. Have to spend own $, no more mobile ATM machine
6. Being a high voltage light bulb during gathering
7. Nobody wait you with an umbrella on a rainy day
8. No adviser for your clothing
9. Nobody bring you to doctor when you’re sick
10. No shoulder to lean on when you cry during a drama
11. Turn into coach potato every weekend
12. Drunken, and found yourself in you own vomit
13. Nobody to play ps2 with you
14. Wont be asked for reason being single

Ok, these are for fun. Dun take it too seriously. The world would be so lame without nelly with these thoughts! Right??! &:’)
Have a nice day…
Ohh, Happy School Opening!


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