l u n a b y s s

I’m mad!!

I must have been gone mad!!!! woke up 2:55 am early in the morning and basically just do nothing.

a lil’ upset here… my dad just broke my bowl today… bowl full of marbles. &:’|

that’s never mind, though. what i mind… he yelled at me!!!

walau eh!!! he broke my bowl le!!!!!!! &:'(

i never understand my parents, neither do they…

this is such a pathetic situation… there not much i can say about our relationship… i feel like we have bond AT ALL!!!

just forget it!!! &:’|

i heard some thunder, looks like it’s going to rain… but it’s damn hot here!!! shall i say awake till the morning light?

and there’s a fool in msn keep bugging me… idiot!!!feel like blocking that noob… wish he knows that he’s very annoying to do so… well… that asshole is just too far away from understanding girl!

what ever!!!

the one i want to chat with is not on-line pulak!!! what the…

i’m hooked on the line… and there’s no boy here… sob… sob… &:’$ seems like my timing is very bad EVERY time. Hai!!

for those whom reading, sorry for the crap…


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3 thoughts on “I’m mad!!

  1. Wow..Wow…Wow…Calm down Little girl….u indeed look gross today…..well….stay cool….hmm….cant think of anything to say this moment…MAybe this will help though ” Aww, juz go bck to sleep will ya?..all of this is juz ..a nightmare..hehe.”

    by the way, whats ur msn add? mind if i hv it? Stay cool my friend..u can make a difference…
    Oh ya, forgot to mention.. Godd Morning To you..


  2. wow…wat a “day” u had thr…got no words to describe ur day over thr =P..
    well…js calm down ok?? sometime wen “bek chek” thg happen really like dat one…js take a deep breathe n have a nice dream!! (well,my dream here is means u can make some day dream instead..hehe)
    hey…u got msn meh?? din give me oso!! haha..rmb to give me ok?? so wen late nite u on9 mayb i oso tgh day dream over here den i can chat wit u oso…2 plp “fa lao sao” better than nobody to “fa lao sao” rite? haha..
    have a nice day ya!


  3. ^^ add me into ur msn list le


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