l u n a b y s s

What A Day…

It was an ordinary morning where I woke up at 7:44am and started to pack for swimming.
Got a HUGE plane from Pek Shan(not blaming you!) Went home around 10:15am.
The clock started to ‘tick tock’ when I laid down on the bed.
There’s really nothing special until I went out. Doing my nails, observed my injured foot:

The weather was good with a visit of dizzy rain when me and Mic reached MITC. Here are some of the cars(not the best): Cars01

Cars02_1  Cars03

2:15pm, the show finally starts. God bless!! The weather was extremely GOOD! Too bad didn’t manage to get the drifting photos.
Later, hangout with friend’s friends, also my friends… &:’) Yum cha at a shop "don’t know what’s the name", it’s beside Crea**** L**k, Bkt Beruang aka The Bear Height (what a name!!! Haha!!!!)
Me and Mic went T**co, then. Here’s what he bought for me:

A VERY cute eyeshade.Thanks, Mic!!! I love it very much!!!!!!

And finally… I was rather exhausted, but still, manage to get myself a cute photo. Sallute V(^.^)


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