l u n a b y s s

My Life Sucks!

This is so sickening… I can’t fight this feeling.

It keeps coming back for me.

Deep inside my heart, I know there’s something wrong, some how.

I’m sucking my nose, holding my tears…

I’m trying hard, hard enough…

I feel sad… &:'(

Couldn’t things change? For better…?

Cause I had tis feeling that I won’t be around for long….

Is it just “too much”?

I don’t know…

All I know is, my life sucks! At this moment…

30.7.2006   4.55pm

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2 thoughts on “My Life Sucks!

  1. Another piece of fine art work?? or its real??
    If its real then plz dun be sad…cheer up k?
    stay cool, gd luck…TAke care


  2. hey gal…i dono how’s ur life goin out thr…but i hope u can be tough to face all the obstacles in front of u alwaz ok??? thrs alwaz a better life awaiting for u! ! cheer up gal!! jia you jia you!!


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