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Can I Do anything?

I’m sitting in front of the tv, all by myself, in the sweaty afternoon…
The show is trying its best to entertain me.
I couldn’t pay much attention on it, doing my nails.
And the weather is distracting me.

I’m waiting, long for a call…
From some one, any one…
Wish it just ring up…

Can’t do anything…

That’s what i did all the time, isn’t it?
Doing nothing but wait..


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2 thoughts on “Can I Do anything?

  1. waiting for whoOooo… huh..
    is it the special ‘him’??


  2. Talking like you noe who… ish.. ish… ish…

    you’ll noe when… when… erm… when… when you need to noe!! k…



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