l u n a b y s s

Love at 1st siGht

i usEd 2 bliEf in luv at 1st siGht(LAFS). but dEn, i hAd a 2nd tHought… it’S nt dat ! dun bLief it aNimore… i hAd another persPectiv 4 it. yEt i stiLL bliv dat it soMhow eXist out deRe…

aNy suCCesful relationShip stratEd wif gOOd impreSSion, ritE? and tHere4, i tHink dAt sPark known as LAFT is act da plEasant fEEling of a “gOOd impRession”! Any reLationship wiLL strart wif gOod impression(evEn a nt vry gd 1 Vil hold). d poiNt is, wat haPPend after d “gd
impRession”… &:’\ I
mean, it is surE dat dEy’ll kyp in touCh… perSonally, i viL!

dey’LL noe icH other beTTer after somtyms, n (snap!) datZ it!! d fEEling bloSSom n florrish… dEn, it is rEally poSSible 4 dEm 2 faLL in luv.

deRe is study sHowing dat truE luv nEEds at Least 1 yr 2 “acomplish”. Scientists frm ENGLAND poiNted out dat TRUE luv is made up fRom 3 basiC elemEnt, ie paSSion, intimacy and oath
it is, a compLicated concePt…


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